"The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun."

   Aliya Surf Camp and Resort services aspiring surfers of all ages. Whether you're a seasoned surfer looking for local knowledge about the Baler breaks, or a brand new surfer ready to catch that first wave, join our qualified and friendly staff for a surfing adventure and let us bring your natural talents to light. Our warm and welcoming professional instructors provide surf lessons that gently introduce both kids and adult beginners to the basics of the board so they feel confident, secure and safe. If you’re a more experienced thrill-seeker, we’ll provide the right level of challenge to help you brush up on your skills. We teach all levels of surfing in a fun and safe environment. The surf camp is located in the north east of Luzon facing the Pacific Ocean. The town of Baler has a world renowned beach called Sabang that boasts of a very long beach break with different wave conditions that are perfect for both the professional surfer and the beginner surfer. There is also the Cemento Reef, where the waves just suddenly strike like a cobra. As the heart of the Aurora province, Baler is also a known tourist destination for diving, hiking, and trekking. We want to share the excitement and exhilaration that surfers around the world experience everyday - you will be so stoked! Experience that awesome feeling as the ocean lifts you and carries you to the shore....there is absolutely nothing like it!