"Experience the fun and excitement of surfing."

   Aliya Surf School - It’s the best place to learn to surf with our qualified and expert instructors. We offer a variety of different surf lessons to provide students with a great experience. Whether you’re a beginner or are an experienced surfer looking for a new thrill -- we have the perfect surf lesson for you! All instructors are local to the area, have been surfing for many years and knowledgeable about local sea and wave conditions and where the best waves are. We teach paddling, standing up, dropping into waves and riding across them. You can expect to stand up and ride your first wave in the first hour.

Php 350.00 - one hour surfing lessons inclusive of surf board and instructor.

What you can expect to learn (for beginners):

- How to position yourself correctly on the board
- How to paddle
- How to stand correctly
- How to take the drop
- How to turn
- Standing on a surf board and riding waves

" We guarantee you will be able to stand and surf during your first lesson. "